What’s so great about Strategic Property Planning?

September 29, 2022


It’s all about understanding. Understanding our goals, and the world around us.

With anything in life, implementing some strategy can be a huge help. It helps us to clearly direct our attention in the right way, ensure we’re always working towards our goals.

It’s the same in the investment world – there’s nothing more important than effective strategic planning. At InvestHer, we’re all about helping you build your future through a tailored strategy that works for you.

So, why is strategic planning SO important for women in property investment? Let’s take a look!


  1. Direction and Structure

    It can feel like a pretty scary world out there, the uncertainty of the global markets and changes to economic factors such as inflation and interest rates can make the investment scene quite stressful. Fortunately, that’s the beauty of planning – it enables you to jump in to making decisions with the peace of mind of having some sturdy structure and direction.

    At the same time, this is where we can find ourselves feeling unstuck. Without this safety net of structure or direction, our plans can go out the window, leading to us losing that ability to stick on track and achieve our goals. As we always say, success is all about ACTION, and without this solid framework of strategy, it can be almost impossible to take that first step!

    So, that’s what creating plans are all about, locking your mind into achieving something – allowing you to get the ball rolling towards smashing your goals.

    Let the structure and direction of your plan guide you toward your best life!


  1. Break things down!

    We LOVE goals.

    But, often, when we look at them from a distance, they can look VERY daunting. A solid plan is all about breaking things down into more manageable, bite-sized pieces.

    It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by our goals. If we’re overwhelmed, it can set in that sense of fear, and can be a major inhibitor to taking that ACTION that we know is what sets us on the right track.

    This is why breaking down our goals is SO important.

    For example, if it’s a savings goal, break it down week-by-week. The idea of saving $100 per week is a lot less scary than saying ‘I need to save $5000’.

    Creating smaller, more actionable targets can make your goals seem much more accessible. With a plan that focuses specifically on this, you’ll be achieving your goals before you know it!


  1. Plans take you TOWARDS your goals

    Strategic plans are all about helping you work towards what you want. Whether it be a financial goal, lifestyle goal, or anything in between, planning goes a long way to ensuring we’re on the right track towards those goals.

    A clear plan will help guide you in the right direction, kind of like Google Maps for your goals! On the other hand, going into your journey without a clear and deliberate strategy can be like pulling out the Brisways, leaving it on your lap in traffic, stressing out over every turn.

    One of those options seems a LOT better to us!


  1. Measure and track progress.   

    Whether you love numbers, or couldn’t think of anything worse, there are many ways to track your goals.

    Understanding your progression is a major factor in motivating you to take the next step!

    Strategic plans allow for this progression to be seen more effectively, as everything is laid out right there in front of us.

    It’s another really great way to keep things in perspective too, having targets to hit can give us the comfort of knowing that we’re on our way to achieving our financial goal – whatever that may be!

    As much as having a perfect plan is AMAZING, at the end of the day, any progress is great progress. Action breeds action, so whether it’s learning something new, writing down a couple of tangible goals or chatting to someone about your future, it will put you in good stead to build a strategy that works for you!

So, start off that plan by doing something new – it doesn’t have to be an investment plan, it can be a plan to move more, or make the most of something different. Get up and enjoy the sunrise, plan to catch up with your friends, or take some time to pamper yourself – action is your best friend.

At InvestHer, we’re all about empowering women to take charge of their financial future through property investment – no matter the circumstances or background!

Are you interested in kickstarting your property investment journey, but not quite sure where to begin? Reach out HERE, or give us a call on 0455 223 865 – we’d love to chat!

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